love, Jenn is my exclusive Relationship Coaching and Matchmaking Service that was created out of a need in the ‘dating community’ for something real and authentic, based on the principles of true, lasting partnership. Finding love is not about filling a ‘space’ in our life, it’s about connecting on a soul level, for the purpose of true, beautiful, lifetime love. My offerings are designed from success patterns I’ve identified through working with literally thousands of clients over the past 20 years on their journeys to find love — both within themselves and through healthy partnerships.

What makes my Relationship Coaching and matchmaking so unique at love, Jenn is that your search is customized by me, an experienced Relationship Expert, who knows what it takes to form a deep, lasting partnership. My team and I will assist you by giving you the internal coaching tools you need as well as providing quality connections to meet other commitment-minded individuals who are looking for the same. I want everyone to experience the magic that love brings — and I invite you to join me on this journey. Love is my life’s work — and my commitment to YOU! Whether you are looking for personal relationship guidance or true love, we cater to each individual person at love, Jenn. Call us today for a complimentary phone consultation.

love, Jenn

Our Philosophy

Our goal at love, Jenn™ is to help you find true love, and, let’s face it… if what you were searching for in the past was working, then you wouldn’t be here right now!

Everything we do here at love, Jenn is designed to address the heart of the matter and to transform you at a soul level… from the inside out. Although love and the journey to find it is pure magic, there is no magical way to get there. Henry Miller used to say that one’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things, and with the love, Jenn method for finding love, you will see that the authentic shift from looking outside for love to looking inside for it will not only enhance your love life, but all of the relationships in your life. (read more)

Why Choose Love Jenn?

How we’re different from the others

  • Authentic Love

    All of the love Jenn™ Offerings were created to help many people break old destructive patterns they have that are hindering their search for real love.

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  • Accurate Matching

    For the discerning client who would like to leave the ‘soul-matching’ up to an expert. Yes, love IS a science…but we know the formula at love, Jenn!

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  • Amazing Events

    Love Jenn™ members experience amazing events with no pressure to fall in love, just breaking bread with like hearted and minded people.

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